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Meet Nights, Mixer and Mock

Dates: Spring 2014      Locations: Campus Campus Campus Campus Campus

Meet nights are our first rush events for every semester. They run four nights in a row, usually from about 7 to 8 at night. Their purpose to to give perspectives looking to rush our Fraternity a chance to find out what we are all about. Usually a short presentation is given and then perspectives have a chance to stay at talk to brothers after, all without any pressure!

Mixer is our first rush event every semester following our meet nights. What it does is again it allows perspectives to come out and get to know brothers in a friendly manner, but this time there is usually some sort of ice breaker activity. It influences brothers and perspectives to talk to one another about various aspects of the tripod that we as members of Phi Sigma Pi hold to highly.

Mock is our final rush event leading up to chapter interviews. It usually takes place at a brothers house or other public location and is a "giant hangout". It is a really good way to get to know one another on a more intimate level, without using any ice breakers or formal presentations.

All of the rush events are on a no pressure level! Everything is done in a very friendly manner.

Contact our New Member Coordinator: for more infomation!

Road Rally

Date: Spring 2014      Location: MSU

Event description comming soon!


Date: Spring 2014      Location: Munn Ice Arena

Event description comming soon!

Contact: TBA for more infomation or to register!


Date: Spring 2014      Location: Campus

Event description comming soon!

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