ericaShadwellThe President for the Fall 2012 through Spring 2013 is Mike Tetrick.

The President is the chief executive officer of the Fraternity Chapter and is entrusted by the Brotherhood with the responsibility for all Chapter activities. He or she sets the weekly meeting agendas, ensures that Chapter events are properly planned and executed, assumes and delegates specific tasks to ensure Fraternity business runs smoothly, and looks out for the well-being for each Fraternity Brother. The President is also the main contact of the Fraternity for student, administration, and community questions or concerns.

1995-1997: Corbin Irelan
1995-1997: Corbin Irelan
1997-1998: Tara Caudill
1998-1999: Kevin Sutton
1999-2000: Justin Arbes
2000-2001: Julie Howell
2001-2002: Paul Rossi
2002-2003: Sarah Platz
2003-2004: Trisha Turk
2004-2005: Mike Lankfer
2005-2006: Kristen Golick
2006-2007: Michael Kwarcinski
2007-2008: Jeremy Moss
2008-2009: Andrew Webb
2009-2010: Andrew Webb
2010-2011: David Zylka
2011: Jeffrey Hutchinson
2011-2012: Annette Gianino