Initiate Adviser

ericaShadwellThe current Initiate Adviser is Kristen VenderHelm.

It is the Initiate Advisor’ s responsibility to oversee the development of Initiates as they proceed through the Initiation process.  This process is divided into three segments.  First, ensure that all Initiates meet the requirements set forth in the Initiate Handbook. This includes doing dialogues with a set number of Brothers and Initiates, attending Sunday night business meetings and Thursday night events, and developing and implementing four Initiate events as a rush class (these events are centered around our three ideals: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship). Second, the Initiate Advisor acts as a liaison between the Initiates and the Brotherhood. This means enforcing our strict Anti-Hazing Policy and addressing any various issues that may arise during the Initiation process, with both the Initiates and the Brothers. The goal is to make the six to seven week process flow as smoothly as possible. Finally, and most importantly, the Initiate Advisor teaches the Initiates what it means to be a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi. The ultimate goal is to prepare the  Initiates for the responsibilities that active membership entails.