Fellowship provides the passion and stability to fully remain involved with Phi Sigma Pi long after you cross the graduation stage.
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Our social committee plans events throughout the year to foster fellowship and have fun. These events include hayrides, Lansing Lugnuts games, Grand Rapids Griffins games, riverboat cruises and more!

Inter Chapter Relations

The Interchapter OCOs work to ensure that Brothers who are members of chapters at different universities feel welcome at Michigan State and know what we are up to.


The Alumni committee works to ensure that Brothers who are graduated remain an integral part of Phi Sigma Pi at MSU.

Public Relations

The main purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to create awareness of Phi Sigma Pi within the community of Michigan State University and to campaign for prospective members.

Inter Chapter Relations

The OCOs often organize events with other Phi Sigma Pi chapters in the Great Lakes Region, including a recent trip to Uncle John’s Cider Mill with CMU’s Gamma Mu Chapter.

Beta Sigma has also participated in Gamma Xi and Alpha Lambda’s Philly Cup in Philadelphia, PA for the past two years, and is the annual host of the Interchapter Beta Sigma Broomball Tournament for the Help a Willing Kid Foundation.

Public Relations

The number one event for this committee is to plan the meet nights for the new rush class at the beginning of each semester.

Their job is to maximize the number of students that hear about Phi Sigma Pi and increase the number of Perspectives that come out to the meet nights.

Activities include flyer-ing and chalking campus, as well as writing and sending out letters to prospective members.


We value the alumni for the traditions and foundation they've laid before us. We keep in contact with them throughout the year to keep in touch to maintain a relationship and make them feel apart of the brotherhood even though they've graduated.

We educate initiates and new Brothers about alumni and how their accomplishments have helped to shape the Chapter as a whole.

The alumni committee organizes special events specially geared towards alumni. Every year we hold the Founders Day Dinner and the Alumni Tailgate to celebrate the brothers who have came before us


Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity is a gender-inclusive organization dedicated to: promoting lifelong learning, inspiring Members to lead, and cultivating lasting fraternal bonds, while always conducting our lives with honor.

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