One of the most important aspects of Phi Sigma Pi’s brotherhood is that it extends beyond the current members of our chapter at Michigan State University. The Interchapter / Alumni committee works to ensure that Brothers who are members of chapters at different universities, or have graduated, are an integral part of Phi Sigma Pi at MSU.

The committee often organizes events with other Phi Sigma Pi chapters in the Great Lakes Region, including a recent trip to a Cider Mill with Central Michigan University in the fall. In the past, the committee has also been responsible for planning the Great Lakes Regional Conference, which attracted Brothers from multiple universities to exchange ideas regarding Phi Sigma Pi and share in the fellowship of one another.

In order to keep Alumni active in Chapter events, Alumni are kept abreast of activities in the fraternity through an Alumni newsletter and regular mailings by the committee. In addition, the committee organizes the annual Founder’s Day Celebration that commemorates the founding of a chapter at MSU. Another important event planned by the Interchapter / Alumni committee is the annual fall Golf Outing, which is known for the large number of Alumni who attend.

The current Interchapter/Alumni Co-chairs are Kim Bale and Elizabeth Vanderlaan.