The Fundraising Committee’s purpose in Phi Sigma Pi is to raise money in order to keep our Chapter dues low and to provide committees with funds necessary to run their events. We expect to meet our semester goal but also strive to exceed this mark and provide greater monetary flexibility each semester. Our Job is an important one for the Fraternity because with each event we run there is no expenses and everything we do is for the greater good of the Fraternity funds.

Events we have done in the past are Teeter-Totter-Athon where we rock on a teeter-totter for 24 hours, working to donate a portion of our proceeds to a charitable organization. Our committee also organizes events at Munn Ice Arena and Jack Breslin Student Events Center where we clean up after basketball and hockey games or one of the many other events that are run throughout the year. Beta Sigma has been commended in the past for our quality of work.

The current Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs are John Bunka and Tom Seward.